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The Clumsy Dragon

Did you notice all those dragons on my home page? I have a passion for dragons and have written several stories about them, but it all began when I wrote The Clumsy Dragon musical, with my talented nephew, Kirk Smith.

The musical is about Mirabelle, a young dragon and her wizard friend, Alzabar. The Clumsy Dragon won the Unpublished Play Reading Project Award sponsored by the American Alliance for Theater and Education. A selection from The Clumsy Dragon was performed at the AATE conference in Salt Lake City. It was also presented as a staged reading by Austin Script Works, in Austin, TX, and was performed at the Tongue and Grove Theatre in Austin. The Clumsy Dragon's latest performance was at Highland High School, in Salt Lake City.

If you'd like to read The Clumsy Dragon script, click here, but remember if you want to perform it, you have to ask.

Download The Clumsy Dragon script - (rights contact)

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