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Make a Puppet


I made some Sesame Street puppets for kids to use when I visit schools and libraries.  I also made a puppet of Mirabelle, the dragon in my Clumsy Dragon play.

If you'd like to make a puppet just follow these directions.You may need an adult to help with the cutting and gluing (if you use a hot glue gun). 

1. Paint a large Styrofoam ball.

2. Cut a small Styrofoam balls in half for the eyes. Use three more small balls for the nose and ears. 

3. Paint the noses, ears and pupils on the eyes.


4. Choose different yarns and trims for your puppet's mouth and hair. 

5. Glue the eyes, nose, ears and mouth onto the puppet’s head.


6. Glue the puppet's head onto a wooden dowel.


7. Cut a small hole in the center of a square yard of cloth.


8. Glue the cloth around the dowel below the head.

9. Now go have fun with your puppet.

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