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Picture Book:  Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street


Although Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street, is no longer in print, it brought a lot of joy to children for 20 years. I still get a thrill when someone tells me how much they loved reading my book when they were a child and some are now reading it to their children.


BBBStSS was first published as a Little Golden Book in 1985 and soon became a Little Golden video as well. It was included in Storyland: 40 of the Best Little Golden Books Ever Published, a collection of 12 Favorite Sesame Street Little Golden Books and the series of books On My Way With Sesame Street. In 2000, Random House published Big Bird Brings Spring To Sesame Street as a Jellybean Book. 


If you'd like a copy of Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street, check the used book store sites on line and keep your eyes open because you might find a copy when you visit a used book store or a library book sale. 


If you'd like to see the video, click on the arrow in the picture to the left. The video is a little different from the book but Big Bird still brings spring to Sesame Street. Be sure to listen to the song at the end. I didn't write it, but it's a perfect ending and the children sing beautifully.

Open Space Play for Children: The Clumsy Dragon


Did you notice all those dragons on my home page? I'm fascinated by dragons and love writing about them. It all began when I wrote The Clumsy Dragon, with my talented nephew, Kirk Smith.    


Our open space play is about a young wizard, Alzabar, who bumps into a talking dragon named Mirabelle. Alzabar is so happy to have a dragon he can talk to, he doesn't care about the havoc her clumsiness causes. But Mirabelle cares and with every mishap, she becomes more discouraged. Alzabar is blind to her predicament until Mirabelle helps him take a good look at who she really is. 


The Clumsy Dragon won the Unpublished Play Reading Project Award sponsored by the American Alliance for Theater and Education. A selection from The Clumsy Dragon was performed at the AATE conference in Salt Lake City. It was also presented as a staged reading by Austin Script Works, in Austin, TX, and was performed at the Tongue and Grove Theatre in Austin. The Clumsy Dragon's latest performance was at Highland High School, in Salt Lake City.


If you'd like to read The Clumsy Dragon script, click the link below, but remember if you want to perform it, you have to ask.


Download The Clumsy Dragon script (PDF)


Contact Me to secure rights for your own production!


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